1-16-2013 Memo

Hot Lunch: Heidi & Kathie will serve hot lunch on Wednesday, Jan. 23.  The menu will be tacos – hard and soft shell, tortilla chips w/ nacho cheese, peaches, Oreo salad, Snicker salad, ice cream w/ toppings.

Pizza Lunch: Our next pizza lunch will be Friday, January 18.

Milk Orders: If anyone would like to change their milk order for the second semester, please let Cheryl know by Friday.

Iowa Basics:  This week is Iowa Basic testing for the 3rd -8th grade students.  Please make sure they get plenty of rest each night so that they are prepared each day to do their best!

Ladies School Circle: Meeting tonight at school at 7:00pm.

Bulletin Board: If anyone would be willing to take care of the hallway bulletin board for the month of February or March, please let Cheryl know soon.

Gallon Milk Jugs: We are looking forward to doing an all school project in a couple of months that will require hundreds of gallon milk jugs.  In order to complete this project we need your help in collecting as many gallon milk jugs as we can.  Please rinse out your milk jugs and do not compact them.  If you are able to store them all until we need them, that would be appreciated and we will let you know when to bring them to school.  If you do not have the space for them, please contact Mike Vander Veen about where to bring them.  Thanks for your efforts.

Student Clubs – If there are any parents, grandparents, or other individuals interested in volunteering to be part of a chess club or First Lego Leauge club in the evenings at school, please contact Mike Vander Veen.  Video on the Lego League can be found with a search on YouTube for FLL Animation 2011.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Seth Hoksbergen on Thursday, January 17, and to Nicole Buiter on Sunday, January 20!