1-17-2018 Memo

January Song: Psalter # 407:1,2, & 4.

Pizza: Will be served on Friday, January 19.

Hot Lunch: Will be served on Wednesday, January 24. Sara O. and Marisa will be serving Tacos, fresh fruit, chips, and ice cream treats,

End of Marking Period: The end of the 1st semester will be January 12. Report cards will be sent home on Wednesday, January 17.

Hot Lunch: Bills will be sent home on Wednesday, January 12.

Iowa Basics Tests: Grades 3-8 will be taking the Iowa Basic Tests the week of January 15-19. All students should be present. Please do not schedule any appointments for your children during this week.

Bowling: As we do annually, the 3rd-8th grade students will be bowling next week Friday after lunch at Tower Lanes in Beaver Dam.  Mr. Langerak is also planning that the 9th graders come with as well. The cost this year is an increase to $8 per student. If you write out a check, please make it out to me; otherwise cash is fine too.  We will need some drivers as we typically do. We usually leave school at noon and some are ready to head back to school around 2:00 pm.  As usual, if you want to run errands while in Beaver Dam in between dropping students off and picking them up that would be just fine; I just ask that you are back by 2:00 p.m. in case students are ready to head back to school.

Ski Trip: FCS Ski Trip to Cascade in planned for Friday, Jan 26.  Cost will be $20 per person.  Please see the attached information and complete the necessary forms.  Please turn the forms and any payment into Betty Soodsma by Wednesday, Jan 17. Any Questions, please contact Karen De Vries.If you need extra copies, please let Betty know.

Ladies School Circle: Will meet next Wednesday, January 24 at school. Please let Sandee H. know by Monday if you have anything you would like added to the agenda.

Faith Scrip News: Contact Coordinator: Sarah Hoksbergen

Pick-up:   Friday, January 19, 2:45-3:15

Scrip-to-go: Available upon request. Also, Monday 10-11 a.m. and Friday 1:30-3 p.m

Upcoming Ordering and Pickup Schedule

          Orders are placed the first and third Monday of the month!


Order by 8 p.m.

Friday by 11:30 a.m.

or by arrangement

Coordinator on Call
January 15

Three weeks between orders

January 19 Sarah H
February 5 February 9 Kathie R
February 19 February 23 Kathie R

Happy Birthday: No Birthdays