10-15-2012 Memo

Song of the month: Psalter #169: 1, 3

Donuts: The next donut day will be Wednesday, Oct. 24.

Teacher’s Convention: There is no school Wed-Fri. while the teacher’s attend the Convention in Grand Rapids, MI.

Brat Fry: The 8th grade class of FCS is planning a brat fry at Rechek’s on Fri. Oct. 19, 10am-1pm.

Chapel: The Kindergarten Chapel will be on Monday, Oct. 22, at 8:30 a.m. at church.  Students should sit with their parents if possible.  Rev. Key will be the speaker.

Band: There will be no band tomorrow.

Advance Notice:  The week of Oct. 29 will be Young Reader’s Week.

Reminder: The Family Fun Night is being planned for Friday, November 2.

From the library committee: We have just started a DVD section in the library and they are now available for check-out. There are a few guidelines regarding the use of the DVDs, and please discuss these with your children. Because of the limited number available at this time, we ask that you follow these recommended guidelines.

1) One DVD to be checked out per child. 2) DVDs will be checked out for no more than 2 weeks. Please be sure to return on or before the listed due date. 3) Any lost items should be reported to Kathie or Melissa and a fee will be determined. 4) If there is a problem with the DVD, leave a note on the case or be sure to mention it to Kathie or Melissa.

It is our goal and desire that these may be enjoyed by parents and children alike as they grow in their knowledge of God’s wondrous creation and the history of the world. If anyone has DVDs in their homes that they wish to donate to the library, we would gladly accept those. Bear in mind, we are only looking for documentary and nature-type DVDs (History Channel, Nat’l Geographic, PBS, etc.) If you have something you would like to donate, let Melissa know. These would become library property and will not be returned. Thank you!

Cinnamon Rolls: The 8th grade class of FCS is selling cinnamon rolls.  Cost is $6 for six rolls including cream cheese frosting OR $5.50 for just six rolls.  Detailed instructions will be included.  If you are interested, please contact Andrea Hoksbergen (