10-15-2014 Memo

Psalter Number of the Month:  #325: 1&2

Donuts:  No donuts until Wed, Oct 29.

Teacher’s Convention:  There will be no school next week Wed, Oct 22-Fri, Oct 24.

Conferences:  Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled for Tues, Nov. 4.  See the attached schedule and if there is a conflict, contact the teacher.

From the Future Expansion Committee:  Please submit your auction donation forms TODAY.

Attention:  No library this Friday.

Chapel:  The Middle Room will be presenting a chapel on Wednesday, November 12, at 8:30 a.m.  The students will begin with a piano prelude at 8:30 sharp.  We hope to see you there!

Faith Scrip News: We have a couple extra Shell $100 and Piggly Wiggly $100 on hand, along with Fleet, McD's, Culver's, and more, so if you run in a pinch, feel free to call us. Distribution checks will be sent out this week Friday! As an organization, we earned over $8,000 in rebates. The 20/20/20 special is almost over. Keep checking it out!  Pick up on Friday, next week it will be on Saturday. Coordinator for October is Sarah H.

Farbers Book:  Heritage Christian School is selling The Farbers by Gertrude Hoeksema.  This book is a collection of 101 short stories about a fictional Christian family and their everyday experiences. Each story stresses Christian values.  The books are available for $6 each and can be ordered by contacting  They will be delivered by a teacher in your area who is attending teacher convention on October 23.

FCS Shirts:  Please return your order forms to Jenna by Sunday, Oct 19.  Samples of the shirts and more information are available in the kitchen at school. 

Campbell's Labels:  October is another Double UPC month for Campbell's Labels — we will earn one extra point for every label mailed in.  Please turn in your labels sometime before the end of October to the collection box in the school kitchen or give directly to Marisa Krosschell.