10-16-2013 Memo

October Song:  Psalter #81 stanzas 1,3,4.

Donuts:  Wednesday, October 30.

Scrip News:  Check your Faith Scrip News email for all the latest specials. Because of Teacher's Convention next week, order pick-up will be Saturday, Oct 26 from 9:30-10am. Sarah H is the coordinator on call for the month of October.

Teacher’s Convention:  Thank you to all who signed up to help in the kitchen and with baking!  All slots are filled now and we will contact you soon about time & location where we need you.

No School:  Due to Teacher’s Convention next week there will be no school Wed-Fri, Oct 23-25.

Young Readers’ Week:  Our school will be celebrating Young Readers’ Week Oct. 28-Nov. 1.  Look for some special reading activities that the teachers have planned for their classrooms.  On Friday afternoon, the whole school will be reading together and working on some projects.  Our theme for this year is “Books are Treasures to Build On.”  Help promote some reading in your home tonight!  

Special Lunch: Chicken nuggets will be available for lunch on Friday, November 1 to celebrate the conclusion of Young Reader’s Week.  Please supplement your child’s lunch as just nuggets will be served.  A special snack will also be provided in the afternoon for all our young readers-keep reading!

Missing:  Heidi Kooiker is missing her small Pampered Chef cutting board that was used on our Apple Dumpling work day.  If you mistakenly brought one home could you please return it to her. 

Photo Contest:  The school calendar committee is planning a photo contest for next year's school calendar.  Voting will take place next January, so start now trying to capture the perfect shot for the contest.  More details will be coming soon.

Banket:  The banket will be delivered to the 2013 Teachers Convention.  Please make checks payable to Eastside Christian School.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Katie Kooiker on Tuesday, Oct. 22!

Help Needed:  Since this is the first time the Teacher's Convention is in Randolph, I was asked to set-up some tours for Thursday afternoon for the teachers.  Based on demand, there are 7 tours that we will offer.  They are to:

 1.) UWGP Ethanol Plant and the Glacial Hills Wind Farm
 2.) Jung's Seeds and then Dutch American Foods
 3.) Trek Bikes in Waterloo
 4.) Horicon Marsh Education Center and Trails
 5.) Blue Heron Horicon Marsh Boat Tours
 6.) Sassy Cow Dairy just west of Columbus
 7.) A general driving tour of the Randolph area

 I have contacted and set-up all of these tours already.  Since the area roads may be unfamiliar to those from out of state, I am looking for one person to help get each group to and from their destination.  You are welcome to participate in the tour, but other than getting the group to and from the destination, you are not responsible for anything else.

 If you are able to help,  please contact Mike VV and we'll go from there.