10-31-2018 Memo

October Song: Psalter #289:1-4 (second tune)

Donuts: Will be served on Monday, November 5.

Hot dogs: Will be served on Wednesday, November 7.

Pizza: Will be served on Friday, November 9.

Fundraising Opportunity: Many of you may already know about the Amazon smile program, but we wanted to remind you and inform others of the program.  When shopping on Amazon, you are able to choose to use their smile program which donates a small percentage (.5%) of your purchase to a non-profit organization.  It is a small percentage but many of us do a significant amount of shopping on Amazon, so we have set up an account for our school. When making Amazon purchases, we encourage you to start using  Your first visit you can search for Faith Christian School Protestant Reformed – the city listed will be Randolph. After your first time shopping, it should remember which organization you chose and you can simply go to and start your shopping.

Faith Scrip News:

Contact Coordinator:   Sarah Oo, Order:  Monday November 5, by 8 p.m., Pick-up:  by arrangement or church

Scrip-to-go: Monday 10-11 a.m., Friday 1-3 pm or available upon request.

Walmart now offers a ReloadNow physical card. If you regularly use Walmart ScripNow, you may like this better. You can keep the same plastic card, yet have the convenience of ScripNow. The first time you reload, you link the card number with your scrip account. After that it is quick and easy to reload. Questions…please ask!

           Upcoming Ordering and Pickup Schedule

          Orders are placed the first and third Monday of the month!


Order by 8 p.m.


or by arrangement

Coordinator on Call
Nov 5 Nov 9 Sara Oo.
Nov. 19 By arrangement/church Sara Oo.

Birthday’s: Aubrey Regnerus on November 5.