11-12-2014 Memo

Psalter Number for November:  #304:1, 2, 3, 5

Hot Lunch:  Karen & Shannon will serve hot lunch on Wed., Nov. 12.  The menu is creamed chicken buns, chips, apples and dip, finger jello, cookies and ice cream sandwiches.

Pizza Lunch:  This week Friday.

Report Cards:  Please return your students report cards by Friday, Nov. 14.

Hot Lunch/Donut:  Bills were sent home to those who chose to be billed quarterly.  Please send your payment to school by Monday, Nov. 17.

Fun Day:  Friday, Nov. 21, students can dress up for fun in hunter orange or camo in recognition of the opening of gun hunting season.

Auction:  The auction is only a few weeks away.  Donations can be given to Jon and Kathie Regnerus at anytime.  The auction booklet is near completion; check it out on the website as soon as this weekend.

Reminder:  Orders for Christmas wreaths and kissing balls are due to Jennie by this Sunday.

Advance Notice:  Plan to attend the 8th grade singspiration on Friday, April 17.

Volunteers Needed:  We are looking for monthly volunteers to make the bulletin board in the hall at school.  Call, text or email Cheryl at 920-763-3080 or to find out which months are available.

Faith Scrip News:    Pick-up Friday after school.  Order Monday by 8 p.m. Check the email for current and upcoming specials including Thanks-Scriping Day, November 27.  Should you run in pinch, a list of our current inventory is also listed in your weekly emails.  November's coordinator: Kathie R