Psalter Number for November:  #304:1, 2, 3, 5

Donuts:  Wednesday, Nov. 26.

Fun Day:  Friday, Nov. 21, students can dress in hunter orange or camo in recognition of the opening of gun hunting season.

Auction:  The auction is only a few weeks away.  Donations can be given to Jon and Kathie Regnerus at anytime.  The auction booklet is near completion; check it out on the website as soon as this weekend.

Reminder:  The Ladies School Circle and School Board members are asked to meet in the front of church after the morning service to take a yearbook picture.

Pocket Change Fundraiser:  Remember to keep filling your bottles with spare change.  You may give full bottles to Corrie or Cheryl at any time.  If you need another bottle just let us know.

Volunteers Needed:  We are looking for volunteers to make the bulletin board in the hall at school for one month at a time.  Call, text or email Cheryl at 920-763-3080 or to reserve your month of choice.  Dec, Jan, March & April are available.

Faith Scrip News:    Pick-up Friday after school.  Order Monday by 8 p.m. Check the email for current and upcoming specials including Thanks-Scriping Day, November 27.  Should you run in pinch, a list of our current inventory is also listed in your weekly emails.  November's coordinator: Kathie R

Happy birthday to Brayden Buteyn on Thursday, Nov. 20 and to Cydney DeVries on Friday, Nov. 21!