11-20-2013 Memo

November Song:  Psalter #183 stanzas 1,3,4.

Donuts:  Wednesday, Nov. 27.

Thanksgiving:  Next week Thursday school will dismiss at 1:00pm for the Thanksgiving break.

Scrip News:  Pick-up Friday, 2:15–3:15 p.m.  Order Monday by 8 p.m.  Be sure to check out the specials in your weekly email…B&BW, Cabela's, JoAnn Fabrics.  Don't forget:  Another Thank-Scrip-ing Day is on its Way!  Coordinator: Kathie R (920) 326-3309

Volunteers Needed:  Please consider volunteering to take care of the hallway bulletin board.  It would need to be put up at the beginning of the month chosen and would stay up all that month.  Available months: December, March and April.  Call or email ( Cheryl.

Fun Day:  Don’t forget to come to school on Friday dressed in your hunter orange/camo hunting clothes.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Brayden Buteyn today, Cydney DeVries on Thurs, Nov. 21, and Hannah Braaksma on Tuesday, Nov. 26!