12-18-2013 Memo

December Song:  Psalter #243:1, 5, 15.

Hot Lunch:  Sarah & Becky will serve hot lunch on Wed, Jan 8.  The menu is baked potatoes with toppings, little smokies, oreo salad, apples & dip, carrots, bars & cookies.

Pizza Party:  The LSC will treat the students and staff to a pizza lunch on Friday.

Scrip Reminders: Pick up this week is Friday, December 20 from 11:50-12:15pm. There will be no Scrip order placed on Monday, December 23 – if you place an order that week it will be processed on Monday, December 30.

Fun Day:  Friday is Red & Green Day. 

Caroling:  Everyone is invited to school for singing Christmas carols on Friday, Dec. 20, at 9:00am.  Refreshments will be served afterwards.

Sign-up Sheet:  The Across the Border Supper is planned for Friday, Jan. 10. There will be a sign-up sheet at school caroling on Friday morning, and then at church on Sunday.  The committee asks that each mother of school children sign up for at least one hot dish.

Holiday Break:  School will dismiss at noon on Friday, December 20.  Classes will resume on Monday, January 6.

In-service Day: There is a class that a majority of the teachers will be taking on Jan. 24.  The 8th graders will also be missing from school for visit day at CWC.  Because of these two things, the board had decided to add another In-service day for Fri., Jan. 24. There will be no school for the students on that day.

Hockey Helmets: There is no requirement for students to wear hockey helmets while ice-skating.  As the sports and medical world learns more and more about the dangers of concussions and repetitive head blows, a helmet is something for parents to consider for their children while ice skating.  As an incentive, those students who wear a helmet while skating can choose from a variety of hockey helmet decals we have at school.


Extracurricular Eligibility:   A reminder of our policy on extracurricular eligibility:


Any student receiving a failing grade on his/her report card or averaging below a C in all classes, will be suspended from participation in extracurricular activities for three weeks.  If at the end of the three weeks he/she is passing in all subjects and averaging a C or above in all classes, the student will be allowed to resume participation.  If during a marking period a student is averaging a failing grade, he/she will be suspended from participation until the grade becomes a passing grade.  To resume participation, the student must get each teacher to sign and verify a sheet of paper that he/she is doing satisfactory work.  If a student receives an incomplete on a report card or a progress report, he/she will be suspended from extracurricular activities until all work is satisfactorily completed.  

Schoolwork or assignments that are not completed for three consecutive days in one subject will, at the minimum, prevent a student from participating in the next event.  All work must be made up and all new assignments current before the student can return to his/her team.  Any staff member may request in writing to the administrator that a student be screened for academic eligibility.

As keeping track of eligibility is new to our staff, we haven’t been faithful in carrying out this new policy.  Please note that we will attempt to do a better job of this in the future and to review this policy with your child.