12-3-2014 Memo

Psalter Number for December:  There isn’t a monthly Psalter number for December so that the students can work on their Christmas songs.

Donuts:  Wednesday, December 10.

Teacher Christmas gifts:  The room mothers are again offering the option for parents to give teachers SCRIP gift cards for Christmas.  Please see the attached letter and form for more information.

Auction:  The auction is this Friday at the Friesland Reformed Church.  Viewing will begin at 5:30 p.m. and supper at 6.  Any donations can be given to Jon & Kathie Regnerus at anytime or be brought to the church Thursday from 5:30-8pm or Friday from 9-noon.

Library:   Scholastic book orders are due this week Friday.  Make checks payable to Faith Christian School and return, with your order, to the library, a committee member or a teacher.

Volunteers Needed:  Thank you to those who have volunteered already! We are still looking for a volunteer to make the bulletin board in the hall at school for April.  Call, text or email Cheryl at 920-763-3080 or

Faith Scrip News:  P/U Sat. 9:50-10:15am at school.  Order next Mon. by 8 pm.  Scrip-To-Go is now available with limited inventory to choose from. Dec. coordinator: Sara O.

Happy birthday to Drew Regnerus on Sunday, Dec. 7!