12-9-2015 Memo

December Song: Ring the Bells

Hot Lunch:  Sandee & Heidi will serve hot lunch on Wednesday, Dec. 16.  The menu is lasagna, bread sticks, fruit salads, butterfinger salad, chocolate delight, and éclair desserts.

Pizza Lunch:  This week Friday

Missing Key:  The office copy of the school key is missing.  Please check to see if you have it and return it to school as soon as possible.

Christmas Program:  Everyone is invited to the FCS Christmas program Friday night, Dec. 18, 7:30pm.

Library:  Scholastic book orders were sent out last Wednesday. Feel free to also browse more catalogs online at  Please return orders TODAY to the library, a teacher or committee member!

Smart Shop:  Gift certificates are now available at SmartShop!  You can purchase them at SmartShop during open days, or contact Marcia Van Baren if you would like to purchase one at a different time.  They can be purchased in any amount and would make a great Christmas gift!  

Ice Skates & Hockey Sticks: The boards are up and the plastic tarp has arrived; now all we need is a sustained deep freeze and the students will be able to ice skate.  We would like to be prepared at school when the ice is ready.  We ask that before you send skates to school, check that they fit the child and clarify with all your children, which child will be wearing each different set of skates.  If there are name tags on the bottom of the skates from last year and that child will not be wearing them, please remove the name and we will put new ones on.  Otherwise the children (and the teachers) get very confused about who should be wearing what pairs. Also, each Upper and Middle Room child (and any of the younger children who will be staying after school to play hockey) need their own hockey stick for P.E. and recess.  The sticks have a tendency to break and it becomes a big issue when a student breaks someone else’s stick because they don’t have their own.

Faith Scrip news: Pick-up: Friday, December 11, 2:45-3:15 pm.  Scrip-to-go:  Friday 1:30-3:00pm.  Culver's Calendars with coupons inside available per request, suggested donation of $1.  Low Denomination Gift cards are back for a limited time.  There will be no Scrip order the week of Dec 21st so plan ahead. Contact Coordinator: Sara O.