2-19-2014 Memo

February Song:  Psalter #360:1,3,4,5.

Donuts:  Wednesday, February 26.

No School:  Friday, Feb. 21, will be a Teacher In-Service day.

Faith Scrip News:  Order next week Monday by 8 p.m.  Pick-up this week is THURSDAY from 2:45-3:15 p.m.  See your email for complete schedule and specials.  Coordinator is Kathie Regnerus.

Folder:  A LSC folder was left in the office after the last meeting.  Please check to see if its yours.

Photo Contest:  The calendar committee rescheduled the photo contest to take place at the YP soup supper on Friday, February 28.  Voting will take place in the narthex – be sure to stop by before or after you eat to cast your vote.

Special Hot Lunch:  Friday, February 28 the room mothers will be serving a special lunch of hot dogs – students will be allowed 2 hot dogs if they want.  Keep in mind we are just serving hot dogs so pack additional food as necessary.

Be Weather Prepared: As we move towards spring, some days will be warm, melting days while others will continue to be cold and below freezing. This means mud, mud, and more mud. It also means some days the kids will get hot outside while playing and other days they’ll be cold.  Please be aware of the weather for each day and dress the kids appropriately.  We have a few extra socks and pants at school in case a child falls into the mud, but keeping an extra pair of pants and socks in the backpack may be a good idea.  Yesterday when it was warm, the kids were allowed to take their coats off as long as they didn’t have short sleeves.  If you see it’s going to be a warmer day, have them take a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt if they get hot with their coat on. Ultimately, we leave the decision of coats on or off up to the teacher on recess duty.  Please remind the kids of this and their need to be obedient and respectful.

Timber Rattler’s Reading Program: This week, materials went home for students to earn prizes and a free ticket to a Timber Rattler’s baseball game.  The date of the game is Saturday, May 3 @ 1:05 p.m.  The teachers have set goals for their students for each week.  Part of this program is learning responsibility and consistency.  Students must bring back their cut-out Fang’s each week to earn their prize.  They can’t bring a bunch of Fang’s in at one time because they forgot. This program will run for four weeks.  At the end of the four weeks, you will be sent a ticket order form.