2-20-2013 Memo

Donuts: Wednesday, February 27.

Psalter Number of the Month: #311 vs. 1,4,5

In Service Day: Students will have no school on Friday for Teacher In-Service Day.

School Logo Items: Please return your order to Jenna Alsum by March 3.  A color copy of the logo is on the bulletin board in the office.  If you have any questions, email or call Jenna.

Advance Notice: Kindergarten Round-up will be held the morning of May 3.

Summer Music Clinic: See attached information.

GoodSearch: Thank you to everyone who has been using good search! For those who haven’t yet signed up we encourage you to do so, as this is an excellent way for our school to raise money. We also wanted to remind everyone to use goodshop. Unlike Ebates where your rebate is only on certain items, shopping at Amazon (and other retailers) through goodshop, we earn a percentage back on almost everything.  So please remember to use it when doing your shopping as well!  We appreciate your continued support of FCS! And if you have questions let us know.  Marisa K, Jenn VB, and Sandee H

Kringles: Don’t forget to pick up your Kringle order tomorrow, Feb. 21, from 2-3pm at church.  Contact Amy or Jody with any questions.

Gallon Milk Jugs: Please continue to collect gallon milk jugs and caps.  (If you collect the milk caps, we will be sure to turn those in after the project.)   We will let you know when to bring them to school.  If you do not have the space for them, please contact Mike VV about where to bring them.  Thanks for your efforts.