2-3-2016 Memo

February Song: Psalter #7:1-3

Hot Lunch:  Sandee & Becca will serve hot lunch on Wed, Feb. 10.  The menu is chicken nuggets, macaroni & cheese, strawberry junket salad, applesauce, Valentine cupcakes and cutout cookies.

Kringle Fundraiser:  Cherry Cream Cheese flavor did not make it on to the order form. If you would like that kind just write it on the order form or call Corrie VV.

8th Grade Singspiration:  Please reserve the evening of Friday, April 29 for our annual 8th grade singspiration.

Across the Border Supper: The annual supper will be held Friday night at RCS.  Prayer is at 7:00pm SHARP.  Please bring your own tableware for supper.  Milk, water, coffee, coffee cups, and dishes for dessert will be provided.  Mom’s of school age children, please signup to bring a dish.  As always, any others willing to help are greatly appreciated!  Please join us for an evening of food and fellowship in support of FCS Ladies School Circle.

Pictures: Ladies School Circle and School Board pictures will be taken right after the morning service in the sanctuary on Sunday, Feb. 7, for the school yearbook.

Middle Room Chapel: Save the morning of Wednesday, February 24 for the Middle Room Chapel.

Fun Days:  On Friday, February 5, we will celebrate the 100th day of school by having students dress up as a 100 year old person.  The Animal Mask Fun Day is tentatively planned for Fri, Feb 26.  Students are invited to make an animal mask to wear that day.

Scrip News:  P/U:  Friday, February 5, 2:45-3:15 p.m. or at Across the Border supper.  Order Monday, February 8, by 8 p.m.  Kwik Trip is out of $50 scrip cards at this time.  Will let you know when they will become available again.  Scrip-to-go: 1:30-3:00 p.m Feb coordinator: Kathie R

Happy Birthday to Brenna VanBaren on Friday, January 29 and to Logan Kooiker on Sunday, Feb. 7!