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3-23-2016 Memo

March Song: Psalter #275:1, 4 Hot Lunch:  Corrie and Jenna will be serving hot lunch on April 6. The menu will be: Creamed chicken buns, layered jello, fresh fruit, chips and salsa, chips, and dirt and sand cups. 3rd Quarter Bills:  The...
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3-16-2016 Memo

March Song: Psalter #275:1, 4 Hot Dog Lunch:  This week Friday. Hot Lunch:  Shannon and Jenn will serve hot lunch on Wednesday, March 23.  The menu is hot ham & cheese buns, tater tots, pickles, fruit, finger jello, carrots/ranch,...
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3-9-2016 Memo

March Song: Psalter #275:1,4 Donuts:  Wednesday, March 16 Pizza Lunch:  The pizza lunch has been rescheduled for this week Friday. Chapel:  The Lower Room Chapel program will be held at church at 8:30am on Friday, March 18.  Parents...
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3-2-2016 Memo

March Song: Psalter #275:1,4 Hot Lunch:  Amy R & Marisa K will serve hot lunch on Wed, March 9.  The menu is BBQ, cheesy potatoes, fruit, finger jello, chips, and ice cream treats. Pizza Lunch:  This week Friday, March 4. Conferences: ...
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