3-28-2012 Memo

Song for April:   Psalter #92: 1,3

Donuts:  Wednesday, April 11

Pizza Lunch:  The next pizza lunch will be Friday, April 13.

Spring Break:  There will be no school next week, April 2-6.

Ladies School Circle:  The next Ladies Circle meeting is Wed., April 11, at 7pm.

IowaBasics:  The Lower Room will take the Iowa Basic tests April 9-13.

School Clubs: Are you interested in robotics and Legos?  What about chess?  If you are a student who is interested in either of these clubs, please let Mr. Vander Veen know.  If you are a parent, grandparent, or friend of the school and would like to help mentor students in either of these programs, we'd also like to hear from you!  If there are mentor's willing to run these programs and enough students willing to participate, these programs are a real possibility for the next school year.  We envision that either of these programs would be done in the evening approximately twice a month.  Please contact Mr. Vander Veen for more information.

Chapel/Open House:  The Lower Room Chapel program will be this week Friday, at 8:30am.  All students should be at church by 8:20am.  Lower Room students should meet in the basement & will sit with their teacher, all other students will sit with their parents.  Refreshments and an Open House at school will follow until 10:30am.  All are invited to attend.

Car Box Day:  On Friday, April 13, we will have a Car Box Day.  Students should transform a box into some type of transportation.  Students should use their imagination and creativity.  We will have a “parade” of the cars at some point that day.There is cardboard for the car box day here at school if anyone would like some for free.  It will be here until Friday, March 30 and then it will be tossed.


Timber Rattler Ticket Request

Family Name: _________________________________

Please indicate the total number of tickets you will need for the game regardless of how many free tickets you have earned.  The teachers will let us know which students have completed the program and we will deduct the free tickets from your ticket total.  (Example:  If you have 6 family members who are going to the game, please indicate 6 tickets.  If 2 of your children have earned free tickets, we will send you a bill for 4 tickets.)

Total Number of tickets needed: ______________________________

(tickets are $6.00 each)

Return to school no later than Friday, March 30.  You will be sent a bill later.