4-10-2013 Memo

Hot Lunch:  Shannon and Jenna will serve hot lunch on Wednesday, April 17.  The menu will be spaghetti, breadsticks, Jello and ice cream with toppings.

Pizza Lunch:  Friday, April 12.

Psalter Number for April:  Psalter 187: 1, 4

Fun Day:  Friday will be Crazy Day.  Students may choose to have crazy hair, crazy clothes, or both!

Library Committee: There are a number of library books that have been checked out for several weeks and even months. We ask parents to please review the library list that is sent out each week and have your children look for these books at home and in their desks at school. We appreciate your help.

Gallon Milk Jugs: Please bring your collected milk jugs to Dutch American by Friday.  We won’t need any more after that day.  Thank you to everyone for collecting them for us!

Glue Guns Needed: For our milk jug project this Friday, we are in need of some hot glue guns.  If we could borrow some, for the day, that would be appreciated.  We will send them back home on Friday as well.  (We have enough glue sticks.)

Scrip News: Don't forget to submit your registration forms so that you can get started on saving money on your school tuition!  You can place orders on-line or there are paper order forms in the "Scrip Blank Order Forms" box at church.  Order Forms & Registration Forms can be dropped in the new drop box in the hallway at school or given directly to a committee member.  We will be submitting orders every Thursday, beginning tomorrow, April 11. Orders must be submitted by 8:15am. If you are unsure how to order or how to get started, feel free to contact a committee member and we will help you out.   Also, Kathie is available Friday afternoons in the school library.  Kathie, Sara, Sarah

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kate DeVries on Friday, April 12, and to Koen Huizenga on Saturday, April 13!