4-16-2014 Memo

Song of the Month:  Psalter #90: 1, 2, 5-7

Pizza Lunch:  Friday, April 18.

Hot Lunch: Marisa VB & Kathie R will serve hot lunch on Wednesday, April 23.  The menu is ham, cheesy & mashed potatoes, fruit and bars.

Lunch fees:  Please pay your family’s hot lunch and donut fees from the 3rd quarter to Jody Buiter.

Scrip News: pick-up Friday 2:50-3:15. Order Monday by 8pm. Be sure and check over your statements and let us know this week if you have any questions. We are missing only a few pencil cases now. Thanks for checking into it. Check out the website or your Faith Scrip News email for the specials… did you notice Dairy Queen is now a scrip retailer? Coordinator for April is Sarah H.

YP Sub Sale:  Don’t forget to pick up your sub orders tomorrow night from 6-6:30pm.  The Young People thank you for your support!

Fairy Tale – Book Character Day: On Friday, May 9, students can dress-up as a favorite book or fairy tale character of their choice.  We look forward to seeing your creativity!

LSC Meeting:  Ladies School Circle will meet next Wednesday, April 23 at 7pm. If you have any fundraising ideas or any other topic that needs to be discussed, let Sarah H. know by Saturday. You'll be receiving your agendas via email on Saturday or Monday. Thanks for all the good ideas submitted so far!

8th Grade Singspiration: Wednesday, May 7, at church at 7:30 p.m.  

Jog-A-Thon:  Members of the Jog-A-Thon committee were at school today explaining the Jog-A-Thon to the students.  Pledge sheets were sent home with each student, and an information packet was sent home to each family.  If you have further questions, please contact one of the committee members:  Jenn Van Baren, Jill Van Baren, Heidi Kooiker, or Marisa Krosschell.

Beacon Lights: The Beacon Lights has been blessing for the young people as it encourages them in their faith and gives them biblical and practical guidance in various aspects of life.  You will find monthly devotions, articles written about fields of employment, inspiring testimonies, and practical history within the pages of this well written periodical.  Although many find it especially profitable for the high school age children, some of the articles would benefit students in middle school while “Little Lights” is practical for children in the lower grades.  If you are not a subscriber to the Beacon Lights, you are encouraged to become one.  You can find subscription cards in your school office.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Grant Kooiker on Monday, April 21!