4-17-2019 Memo

April Song: Psalter # 394

Donuts: Will be served on Monday, April 22.

Pizza: Will be served on Wednesday, April 24.

Ladies School Circle: Ladies School Circle will meet on Wednesday, April 24, at 7:00 p.m. at school. If you would like anything added to the agenda, please let Jenn know by April 22.

Track Meets: FCS 5th-8th track team will be participating in the Markesan Middle School track meet on Thursday, April 25. Field events will begin at 4:30 p.m. with running events to follow. On the following Monday, April 29, we will also be competing at the Randolph Middle School meet. Field events begin at 4:00 p.m.

Hockey: We are planning to go to Beaver Dam Ice Rink this week Friday afternoon with the 5th-10th graders to teach some ice hockey skills that we can’t do on the ice here at school. We plan to leave from school at 12:30 and return to school at 2:30. Students will need skates, winter gloves, sticks, and a helmet. The helmet can be a bike helmet, ski helmet, ice hockey helmet; just something on their heads. There is no cost. If you can help drive, please let me know as we may need a driver or two.

American Children’s Hospital:  Everyone loves bubbles!  At the American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison, the nurses carry bubble wands around in their pockets so that anytime they see a frown, they can turn it into a smile with a few bubbles! Right now the hospital is in need of more bubbles!  Isaiah Oosterhouse and his family are collecting pocket size bubble wands to donate to the hospital.  If your family would like to help out too, there will be a box by the school office that you can put the donations into.  Please check your email for more information!       

Faith Scrip News

Contact Coordinator: Sarah Hoksbergen

Order:  Monday, April 1, by 8 p.m.

Pick-up:  Friday, April 5 or by arrangement

Scrip-to-go: Monday 10-11 a.m., Friday 1:30-3:00 or available upon request.

The March payout has been made. The credit will appear on your next tuition statement.

Upcoming Ordering and Pickup Schedule

           Orders are placed the first and third Monday of the month!


Order by 8 p.m.


or by arrangement

Coordinator on Call
April 15 (Three weeks until the next order!!) April 19 Sarah H
May 6 May 10 Sara O

Kathie Regnerus: 326-3309, Sara Oosterhouse: 382-9156, Sarah Hoksbergen: 326-3824,

Birthday’s:  No Birthday”s