4-25-2012 Memo

Song for April:   Psalter #92: 1,3

Hot Lunch:  Kathie & Marisa VB will serve hot lunch on Wednesday, May 2.  The menu will includepancakes with toppings, egg casserole, sausage, fresh fruit, and caramel rolls.

Book Sale:  Mrs. Carol Brands, from our Edgerton PRC, has written a book series, the first of which is printed, and ready to sell.  This first book is the story about the life of a young girl from Iowa during the Depression years.  The next two books continue to follow her life during the WWII and Korean War years.  These books are 100% Christian and would make a wonderful gift or addition to your library.  Perhaps you know of a friend, or neighbor, that would be interested in purchasing it.  As an added incentive, our school will receive 25% of the total amount ordered.  You may see the book in the school library.  To place an order for Little White Farm House in Iowa ($12.00), please call school (326-6090), or email, by next week Wednesday, May 2.  (Payment needs to be made at the time of purchase.)

8th grade Program:  The 8th graders are sponsoring a program at 7:30 pm on Thursday, May 3 at Randolph PRC.  The program will include the Upper Room singing a few numbers and taking requests from the audience.  After singing, Mr. Eugene Braaksma will present his slide show on his trip to Africa.  Refreshments will follow in the church basement.  A collection will be taken to help cover the cost of music.  Any additional monies will be used for the class gift and trip.

Happy Birthday to Mrs. Amy Regnerus on Saturday, April 28!