5-16-2012 Memo

May’s Song: Psalter 213:1, 2, 3. Please make sure your children know this song for graduation.

Pizza Lunch:  Pizza Ranch lunch is this week Friday, May 18.

Donuts:  Wednesday, May 23

Graduation:  School will dismiss at noon on Thursday, May 24.  Graduation will be at 7:30pm in church.  All students should meet in the basement by 7:20.

School Picnic:  The school picnic will be on Friday, May 25.  Lunch will start at 11:30.  Please choose what you would like to bring on the sign-up sheet at church.  Students should be at the park by 10:00am.

Ice Skates:  Please remember to take your children’s skates home for the summer.

A couple things from the Library Committee:  May 18 will be the last day any books can be checked out from the library.  In addition, parents and students, please check over the library list emailed every week and work together to get the books back in the library by the end of the school year.  There are still several books missing from 6+ months ago.  If you do not receive the weekly emails, we can get you a printed copy to review.  Any books not returned will have to be replaced. Thanks.

Tin Cans Needed:  An activity for the school picnic games needs tin cans.  If they are the size of pie-filling or vegetable tin cans or larger, that would be preferred (if you have soup cans we’ll still take them).  It would also be nice if when the cans are opened that a small part of the lid stayed attached to the can so that we can refill the cans and close the lid.  Cans can be dropped off in the kitchen at school, or in a box near the table in the narthex this coming Sunday.

Reformed Education:  The RFPA is promoting the book Reformed Education by Prof. Engelsma.  This short book is a must read for any parent, board member, teacher, and supporter of Christian education.  For a limited time, the RFPA is making this worthy book available for $4.  If you would like a copy, please contact Cheryl Regnerus at or 326-6090.