5-8-2013 Memo

Psalter Number for May: #334:1-4

Hot Lunch:  Karen & Ev will serve hot lunch next Wednesday, May 15.  The menu will include tacos (soft and hard shell), chips & salsa, finger jello, carrots & dip, fresh fruit, ice cream sandwiches/bars.

Singspiration:  The Upper Room is hosting a singspiration at church on Mon, May 13, at 7:30pm.

Reading Program:  All reading tickets are being sent home today with the youngest student.

Summer Bridge:  Updated Summer Bridge activity workbooks are available for $9.95ea.  These are designed to help children retain classroom skills over the summer. Please contact Cheryl by Monday if you would like to order. 

Coach Needed:  If anyone is interested in coaching the soccer team next fall, you should contact Pam DeVries.

Happy Birthday to Kasia Regnerus on Saturday, May 11!