8-29-2012 Memo

Donuts: Wednesday, Sept. 5

Pizza Lunch: Our first pizza lunch will be on Friday, Sept. 7.

Calendar Change: Please make note that the Teacher’s Convention will be Oct. 17-19 instead of Oct. 10-12 as the calendar shows.

Volunteers: Please consider volunteering to choose a month to make the hallway bulletin board.  Let Cheryl know by emailing, or by calling school at 326-6090 on MWF mornings.

School Pictures: Mr.& Mrs. George Vroom have agreed to take the students’ pictures again this year.  They will be here this week Friday, Aug. 31, beginning at 8:30am.

Coach Needed: The soccer team is still in need of a coach.  Please contact Mike VV or Pam DV if you would be willing to help out.

Chapel: Rev. B. Huizinga will speak at chapel on Friday, Sept. 7. Time is yet TBD.

Dodge County Clean Sweep: This is a limited time collection of hazardous wastes and

pharmaceuticals.  A poster and brochure listing items that may be disposed, times and

locations of collection is available at school.