9-11-2013 Memo

August/September Song: Psalter #286 stanzas 1-3.

Hot Lunch: The menu next Wednesday will include tacos, chips, peaches, finger jello, ice cream bars or

School Pictures: Pictures will be taken at school this Friday, Sept 13 in the morning. Please have your
children dress appropriately.

Cultural Dress-up Day: Wed., Sept. 25 will be a dress-up day at school. We encourage all students to
think of a different culture around the world and try to put together an outfit that represents that culture.
We look forward to seeing the creativity.

Locked Doors: Some of the doors at school do not close very good on their own. Please make sure to
give them a pull as you leave to make sure they are locked. We’ve had a few mornings already where the
doors are not properly closed and locked.

Scrip: Please see the back of the memo for info from Scrip

Soccer: The 5th-8th graders have soccer practice today from 3:15-5 p.m. There will be a game at Fox
Lake Lutheran on Fri., Sept. 13, at 3:30 p.m. Next week, there will be a Scrimmage game on Wed., Sept.
18 at 3:30 p.m at FCS.

Ladies School Circle: The Ladies School Circle will meet tonight at 7 p.m. If you did not receive the
fundraiser letter in your church mailbox, let Sarah know. Please be reminded, before an item is brought to
discussion, it must be presented as a motion and seconded, so please be prepared on how you want to
word your motion! If you are coming with a new fundraiser idea, please have as much information as
possible. Also, this year we would also like to allow a very brief time after the meeting for items that are
unrelated to our work in LSC – Sometimes its nice to mention something since we are all together, but we
don't want it in the minutes.

Apple Dumplings: The Ladies School Circle is once again making apple dumplings. Cost is $7.00 per
tray. Orders and payments are due by Friday September 27, 2013. Please contact Heidi K., Kathie R., or
Melissa R. to place your order or email your order to Make checks payable to
FCS Ladies School Circle. The LSC thanks you for your support!

Milk Caps: Morning Glory is discontinuing their Milk Caps program effective Oct. 1. Because we have
to pay shipping and we just submitted an order, we will NOT be sending a final shipment in, so you may
discard your caps, give them to CWC asap, or to RCS by Sept. 15. Thank you!!

Dessert Auction: Thanks to all who made desserts for the auction and bid on them. The Ladies made
$575.00 at the auction.