9-17-2014 Memo

Psalter Number of the Month:  #246:1-3

Donuts:  Wed, Sept 24.

Soccer Schedule: 
     Practice today from 4-5:30pm
     Last game is next Tuesday, Sept 23, at 4:30pm at FCS
Any questions can be directed to Kyle Van Baren. 

LSC Meeting:  The first Ladies School Circle meeting for the year will be Wednesday, Sept. 24, at 7:00pm at school.  If you have anything that needs to go on the agenda let Rachel know by tomorrow.

Pocket Change:  The LSC will be having a pocket change fundraiser that will run until spring.
Look for more information and bottles in your mailboxes at church.

Apple Dumpling Fundraiser:  Its apple dumpling time!  The FCS Ladies’ School Circle is once again making apple dumplings for all to enjoy.  Each tray contains 6 delicious frozen apple dumplings with baking instructions.  Cost: $7.00 per tray with orders due by Friday, Sept. 26, 2014.  Make checks payable to FCS Ladies’ School Circle.  Please contact Melissa (920)326-1975 or email to place your order.  The FCS Ladies’ School Circle sincerely thanks you for the support of our school!

Faith Scrip News
Contact Coordinator: Sara Oosterhouse
Don’t forget to RETURN your Registration Forms to school!  You can put them in the Scrip Lockbox or in the basket with the pencil cases. 
Kathie (326-3309), Sara O. (382-9156), Sarah H. (326-3824)