9-18-2013 Memo

September Song: Psalter #286 stanzas 1-3.

Book Case: If anyone has a book shelf they are willing to donate that is around 3 feet high with 3 shelves
and a wood grain, please contact Mrs. Tamminga.

Cultural Dress-up Day: Don’t wait until the last minute to start planning! Next week Wed., Sept. 25 will
be a dress-up day at school. We encourage all students to think of a different culture around the world
and try to put together an outfit that represents that culture. We look forward to seeing the creativity.

Save the Date: Please save Friday, March 21 for Grandparent’s Day here at school. We do this day once
every three years so please pass it along to Grandparents.

Soccer: Today the soccer team will have a scrimmage at 3:30 p.m at FCS. Spectators are welcome. Next
Wed., Sept. 25 there is a practice from 3:15-5 p.m. and then a final game at CWC @ 4 p.m. on Fri., Sept.

Apple Dumplings: The Ladies School Circle is once again making apple dumplings. Cost is $7.00 per
tray. Orders and payments are due by Friday September 27, 2013. Please contact Heidi K., Kathie R., or
Melissa R. to place your order or email your order to Make checks payable to
FCS Ladies School Circle. The LSC thanks you for your support!

Banket: It is time to order your homemade Banket from Eastside Christian School! This delicious Dutch
treat is packaged unbaked and frozen and priced at $6.00 a stick. We are accepting orders through
October 4; call or email Heidi Van Baren (616.682.0086 or The Banket will
be delivered via our teachers to the 2013 Teachers Convention.

Eye Testing: Each fall, staff from Beaver Dam Eye Clinic come in and do a basic free eye sight screening
for our children which we appreciate. This type of test can reveal near and short sightedness in young
children, but not much else. Stigmatism, cataracts, color blindness, muscle weakness, and other eye
issues do not show up on this type of test at all or until children are much older. Unfortunately, when
students are older, the damage has often been done and it can be difficult to make corrections to the eye
and retrain the brain. I would encourage all parents of young children to schedule a full screening with
any ophthalmologist BEFORE they enter Kindergarten so that any eye issues can be caught early. Mr. V