9-30-2015 Memo

October Song: Psalter #287:1&2

Hot Lunch:  Pam & Jill will serve hot lunch on Wednesday, Oct. 7.  The menu is chicken nuggets & sauces, macaroni & cheese, fruit, oreo salad, chips & dip and bars.

Pizza Lunch:  This Friday, October 2.

Soccer:  There will be a Tournament at CWC on Friday, Oct. 2.   FCS will play at 4:30 and again at 6.  Games will take about 1:15 min so you can plan your child will be done at about 7:15.  Please be there by 4:00 for warm-ups.  Concessions will be available.  There is an away game on Tues, Oct. 6 @ 4:30. 

Library:  This year the library committee will again be placing 3 Scholastic book orders (September, December, and May).  As always your book orders make great gifts for your children and grandchildren and in turn, help obtain free books for the library.  In addition, books can also be purchased directly for the library through Scholastic book orders.  Please contact a committee member if you’d wish to donate this way.  We thank all for your support in keeping the library stocked with great books for the students!  The first book order was sent home Friday, the 18th and is due by Wednesday, September 30.  Orders can be returned to your teacher, a committee member or be place in the library. Make checks payable to Faith Christian School.  Thank you.  Kathie and Melissa R.

Bulletin Board:  Please consider volunteering for the month of January to change the bulletin board in the hallway .  Call Cheryl or send an email to if you are able to help out. 

Chapel:  Everyone is invited to the Kindergarten chapel on Friday, Oct. 9, at 2:20pm, at church.

Faith Scrip news:  Pick-up: Friday, Oct 2, from 2:45-3:15   Sept coordinator: Sara O 

Still not using Scrip?  

Our scrip program gives parents and family members the power to fundraise all the time, without doing anything more than using scrip gift cards to pay for their everyday shopping. You don’t have to spend money on things you don’t need or sell anything to friends and relatives. 

Other benefits of using Scrip:

Scrip gift cards are perfect for following a household budget, families can shop both in-store or online with participating retailers, Scrip gift cards are just like using a credit/debit card but without the fraud risk and Scrip program earnings are greater than credit card rewards (typically 3 – 15%).  If you are not signed up for Scrip yet please talk to a coordinator and get started!  If you are signed up keep ordering!  Scrip shines when families use it for as much of their shopping as they can!

Happy Birthday to Mrs. Alsum on Saturday, Oct. 3!